Zsolnay Pecs Vase with Crackled Red Art Deco Glaze
Zsolnay Posy Vase with Crackled Red Eosin Art Deco Glaze, Made in Hungary, circa late 1950s-1960s

Zsolnay Pecs Vase with Crackled Red Art Deco Glaze

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Zsolnay Red Eosin Porcelain Faience Vase


Designed by Gabriella Törzsök for Zsolnay Pottery, Pecs, Hungary, ca. 1950s


Illustrated in Santi & Gacher's Zsolnay Ceramics Collecting a Culture, pg. 170.


Excellent condition, measuring 7.5 in. H x 4.5 in. W.

An Art Deco style posy vase in porcelain faience made in Hungary by Zsolnay of Pecs and dating to the late 1950s - early 1960s. This vintage vessel is decorated with Zsolnay's signature eosin glaze in a rich and deep red. The glaze has a lively, metallic look created by an overall golden iridescence. The cracked ridges are colored with hints of iridescent blue and the interior is glazed with a darker golden high gloss finish. 

This vase is illustrated in in Eva Hars' Zsolnay Ceramics Factory Pecs, pg. 112 and similar vessels with the same textured 'broken panel', reptile skin', or 'shriveled' decorative surfaces are pictured on pg. 170 of Federico Santi & John Gacher's Zsolnay Ceramics Collecting a Culture. 

The vase is in very good, undamaged condition, measuring 5.5 in. H. with the Zsolnay Pecs Five Churches mark in a shielded circle alongside Made in Hungary printed on base. Zsolnay used this mark from 1925 through the 1970s.

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