Only Undies, Gloves, and Socks Should Come in Pairs!

Only Undies, Gloves, and Socks Should Come in Pairs!

Posted by Kim Ahara on 1/8/2012 to New Products
Only Undies, Gloves, and Socks Should Come in Pairs!

You wouldn't eat the same food everyday so why eat WITH the same plates, utensils, linens, and glassware?  Then again, who has storage space for multiple sets?  We have the answer and it is so simple and elegant that we included it in Q Antiques and Design's mission statement: 

 Not Everything Has To Match

At Q Antiques and Design, we believe a living space should reflect its inhabitant(s) and obviously, this extends to the dinner table.  What better way to show your sense of style and provoke conversation  all while being good to the planet — than allowing us to design a mix and match collection of monogrammed knives, hand-painted plates and heavy highball glass you can cherish with use?  Adopt and ENJOY examples of stellar workmanship long out of production. If something breaks, it's not a catastrophe (or just the sign of a truly great party...), but an excuse to add another treasure to your collection to be cherished and enjoyed all over again!  

While a collection of twelve place settings and accessories is ideal — especially for those who entertain with abandon — part of the fun can be designing and adding to your collection over time.  A knock-out, personalized service for four is a great beginning and there is no time like the present!

This blog entry is meant to inspire a revolt against unimaginative and matchy-matchy products offered by contemporary retailers.  Our case study is a recently completed Limoges porcelain service and silver commission for style icon and diplomat, Mr. Bobby Richey, Jr. and the equally discerning Mr. Larry Allen.  

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