French Denbac Art Nouveau Vase Pair, circa 1930

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A pair of double-handle stoneware vases in the Art Nouveau style from la Société Denert et Balichon Denbac Pottery of France, dating, circa 1930. Denbac's grès flammés or flamed sandstone art pottery decorations are unique to every piece; both vases were decorated with a chocolate brown drip glaze over a shaded grey ground with subtle blue highlights. The vases are in very good condition bearing a "Denbac" mark with form number 230 impressed underfoot, measuring 7. in. H. 

Denbac is the brand name for the Denert and Balichon Company of Vierzon in central France. The Denbac name is a contraction of the partners surnames, ceramist René Denert and manager René-Louis Balichon.

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