Decorate with Cheap and Cheerful Vintage Ceramics

Decorating with Inexpensive Vintage Pottery

Posted by Kim Ahara on 5/21/2013
Decorating with Inexpensive Vintage Pottery
What can you do with cool and inexpensive pieces of midcentury modern pottery? 

What if an orphaned piece at a thrift shop or estate sale is chipped or cracked?

  Get creative; reuse and reanimate like this!

Throughout the 20th century, American firms including McCoy, Red Wing, Haeger, Zanesville, Roseville, Stangl, and Weller mass-produced inexpensive lines of functional "Artware" pottery using interesting shapes, glazes and decorative motifs to market and sell their products, season after season. Planters, platters, bowls, ashtrays, candle holders, and vases were designed as attractive and functional pieces, perfect for gifts and decoration all over the home and garden.

 Last week I visited a friend who uses small vintage planters to add visual interest and a pop of color to an ultra-modern granite and stainless steel kitchen and the effect is stunning.  Why not use the same approach in your bathroom or on your dresser or vanity? My semi-disposable Swedish desk has a variety of mismatched pieces of art pottery and art glass holding pens, paperclips, and rubber bands.

Interesting vintage pieces can be sourced almost everywhere and put to use all over your home and garden. As discussed in previous posts, this is also a creative and inexpensive way to use vintage products for stylish for dining and entertaining! 


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Kim Ahara
Date: 6/3/2013
A reader contacted me with another great idea; vintage saucers as soap dishes. Love it! I had another thought about using the old "Brownie" box cameras as bookends and I recently saw a picture of assorted tea cups on a table, each with one rose in full bloom floating just over the rim -- gorgeous. Any other suggestions? I would love to hear your ideas!

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