Early 20th Century English Pilkington Art Pottery Vase
English Pilkington Art Pottery Vase, 1907
English Pilkington Art Pottery Vase, 1907

Early 20th Century Pilkington Art Pottery Vase Marked 1907

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An English Arts & Crafts era art pottery vase from Pilkington's Tile and Pottery Company of Clifton Junction, Manchester, marked 1907. The antique vessel of earthenware has a depressed shoulder and wide mouth enveloped in a glossy flambe glaze of streaked yellow and red. Very good condition, measuring 6.5 in. H. Impressed PL and two bees monogram over 'VII' (for 1907) and 'ENGLAND' with '2131' (likely form number). Pilkington's Tile and Pottery Company was founded in 1891 at Clifton Junction in Manchester. The company employed artists and chemists including John Chambers and William Burton, but also commissioned work from well known designers including C. F. A. Voysey, Walter Crane, Gordon Forsyth, and Lewis Day. Pilkington's used technical expertise to develop a range of artistic glazes including a popular 'Lancastrian Lustre'; they exhibited their creations at international exhibitions including Paris in 1900, Milan in 1904, Brussels in 1910, and Turin in 1911. The company's innovation and success resulted in a Royal Warrant from King George V in 1913 when they became the Royal Lancastrian Pottery Company. The V&A (Victoria and Albert) Museum in London includes a range of Pilkington's art pottery in their permanent collection.

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