Antique Kayserzinn Jugendstil Tray with Duckling, 10.25 in. L
Antique Kayserzinn polished pewter tray from J. P. Kayser & Sohn of Germany, circa 1895

Antique Kayserzinn Jugendstil Tray with Duckling, 10.25 in. L

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An antique Kayserzinn footed tray in highly polished pewter from J. P. Kayser & Sohn AG of Krefeld, Germany, dating circa 1895. The tray has a reflective silver glow and is decorated in relief with whimsical motifs including a ducking with an open beak next to a dragonfly hovering over water with a large stylized water lily breaking though the water's surface. Whiplash lines characteristic of the Jugendstil / Art Nouveau period complete the surface design. The tray has a ruffled edge, rests on four ball feet, and measures 10.25 in. L x 5.75 in. W (at widest). Very good original condition with light surface wear and spots of oxidation typical of antique pewter, marked Kayserzinn / 4019 inside of an oval on the base. The lower right upper surface is engraved "T. E. / 60 ar". Kayserzinn was the trademark name for the artistic lead-free metal alloy manufactured at the turn of the 20th century by J.P. Kayser & Sohn of Krefeld, Germany, The company hired artists and sculptors to design high-quality objects in the Art Nouveau and Jugendstil taste, marking them with model numbers beginning at 4000 in 1894-1895 and ending at 4999 in 1925. The firm was awarded gold medals from important international expositions in Paris (1900), Turin (1902), and St. Louis (1904).

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